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Cecilware Giant 2.

Cecilware Giant 2

Giant2 Cecilware Granita Machine

High volume dispensing and quick-freeze down time can be a huge boost to your profits. Don't scare away customers with long lines. These machines are essential for maximizing sales at busy events.

Two, 4 Gallon Bowls with Freeze Zone Dispensing System - Works in conjunction with the new style faucet piston to allow frozen product to freely circulate around the piston, eliminating the potential of bacteria build up.

New Refrigeration System - Two ˝ HorsePower compressors each work independently to give you balanced freezing, faster pull down time, and exceptionally quick recovery.

"New Style" Faucet Piston

360° Wrap - Around Graphics - Helps merchandise the Granita product resulting in additional sales.

Locking Lid and Faucet - Prevents tampering with product.

Patented Magnetic Drive System - The auger motor
turns magnetically eliminating front or rear seals. The Granita product is encapsulated inside the bowl and can not leak into the motors. This system lowers maintenance costs and decreases auger motor burnout.

Magnetic Drive Slippage System - Eliminates damage to the auger motor if product freeze-up occurs.

24 Hour Programmable Defrost Timer - Simply set the
timer to defrost any product, keeping it chilled and automatically turning back to the frozen mode at the
specified time.

Freezing Chamber - FrigoGranita's dual surface freezing
chamber freezes product quickly and efficiently.

Visual Merchandiser - The large 4 gallon clear bowls
merchandise and sell the Granita product.

Adjustable Slush Mode - Allows you to set the slush
consistency of the Granita drink.

Cool Beverage Mode - In addition to selling Granita
products, this mode gives you the ability, at the push of a button, to sell refreshing cold beverages. Perfect for
selling Fruit Punch, Iced Cappuccino, Lemonade and more. Thermostatically adjustable for proper temperature.


Electrical: 115V 1PH Amp: 20 FOB: LIC, NY

Filter Indicator Light - Alerts the operator that there is an insufficient amount of airflow around the dispenser.

Washable Condenser Filter - Easily located through the left side panels of the dispenser.

Stainless Steel Finish

Two—4 gallon containers

Two˝ HP Motors

147 lbs

Depth: 20 ˝. Height: 35 ˝. Width: 18

Free Shipping, US 48, residential or commercial.

Email Friend List Price: $5,288.00
Price: $2,965.00
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