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Cecilware Granita Machine NHT2UL.

Cecilware Granita Machine NHT2UL

Compared to other Non-Magnetic Drive Systems, this NHT or "NO HASSLE TECHNOLOGY" dispenser offers superior value and high quality.

Featuring: Exclusive Suction Cup Compression Seal System, 24 Hr. Programmable Defrost Timer, Freeze up Monitoring System,Dual Surface Freezing Chambers, Models available for liquid and powdered AutoFill. Please call for pricing.

Please note: The NHT2UL and NHT3UL are NSF approved and have many of the same features as the MT Series, with the lower cost due to the new suction cup technology which would reduct labor costs.

If you are in the Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota area, inquire about our frozen drink machine rentals


Email Friend List Price: $3,824.00
Price: $2,522.00
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