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Vita-Mix Bar Boss

Vita-Mix Bar Boss.


Vita-Mix Bar Boss advanced Commercial blender. Featuring a timer with automatic shut off. Precision hardened stainless steel blade, plenty of power and your choice of a 48 or large 64oz container.

Free Shipping, US 48.

VitaMix Bar Boss:
List Price: $845.00
Price: $720.00

Vita-Mix Blending Station® MP W/ Sound Containing Cover

Vita-Mix Blending Station® MP W/ Sound Containing Cover.


Maximum Performance Blender Possibly the world's best blender. Comes with or without sound reducing hinged cover.

Free Shipping, US 48.

Blending Station MP:
Price: $1,249.00

VitaMix Drink Machine

VitaMix Drink Machine.


Great 3 year warranty! 2 speed blender gives you the option to use low or high speed alone, or change from one to the other manually. A terrific commercial blender.

Free Shipping, US 48.

click to select 2 step timer, model 1230... same specs as 2 speed but with automatic shut off and 30 sec. timer.

Price: $442.00

Vita-Mix VitaPrep

Vita-Mix VitaPrep.


VitaPrep (Professional Chef's Power Tool)

VitaPrep is so fast and powerful that it performs like no other blender. A workhorse in the commercial kitchen,VitaPrep, its variable speed allows you to make smooth frozen drinks, puree, blend and chop. VitaPrep holds up to the demands of the professional chef or the serious cook. Comes with recipe manual.

Free Shipping, US 48.

NOW AVAILABLE VITAMIX 5000 and SUPER 5000, call for details, free shipping and special offers!!! 1-888-983-7848 30 day Money Back Guarantee!! Call now,

VitaPrep Commercial Blender:
List Price: $765.00
Price: $700.00

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